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HDHT Participate In the 23th &24th Annual meetings of Radtech China

        From July 18 to 21, 2023, Dr. LEE (Chairman) led the company's R&D and marketing team to Jiangsu Yixing to participate in the 23th & 24th Annual meetings of Radtech China, and visited the company's important partners.



        The main contents of the meeting include the 30th anniversary of the Radtech China, the High-end discussion, the theme discussion, the technology and industrial development Summit Forum, the national and regional overview report, the international technology and industrial development forum, the Cross-Strait technical discussion, the exhibition; During the annual meeting, experts from home and abroad, related industry chain platforms, representatives of well-known enterprises, and investment consulting institutions attended the meeting.


    HDHT has been deeply committed to the photoinitiator industry for more than 20 years, and has continuously carried out technological innovation. The quality of photoinitiator produced by HDHT is the world's leading level, and we has developed a number of industry standards of photoinitiator. Actively participate in international competition, in strict followed the international policies and regulations to carry out product registration and sales, the products have been widely recognized by customers. During the meeting, Dr. Lee Yongfang invited Committee member of Radtech China, industry experts to a feast, discuss the status and trend of development of photoinitiator, promote the further development of UV curing industry.