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     On April 20, 2023, Recommended by the Jingzhou municipal government, “Jingzhou Daily” video team: Reporter Huang Siming, Yan Dexiang came to HUIDA HIGH TECH(HDHT) for an interview. Vice President, Zhengsheng, TD manager, Lvjinghao and workshop directors accompanied the whole process. VP Zhengsheng introduced the environmental protection of HDHT after the “TCT” policy

    “JingZhou Daily” made a targeted understanding of the actual effect of the implementation of the "TCT" policy of enterprises under the background of the Yangtze River protection in recent years. and has carried out an insight into the environmental protection facilities which HDHT invested about 100 million yuan, and advanced environmental management concepts.

     As a positive example, HDHT’s interview will be used in the part of Jingzhou Economic Development Zone in the documentary "Home", to show the vivid practice and fruitful results of protecting the Yangtze River in Jingzhou area since entering the new era. This is the fully recognition of HDHT's success about in response to the national policy call, actively build a comprehensive compliance of modern factories and advanced management concepts.